All Waterafts except the Mini come with a tethering kit which includes a grommet and 10 ft. bungee cord for anchoring purposes.
Tyke Wateraft - 5 ft x 12 ft - The Wateraft

Tyke Wateraft - 5 ft x 12 ft


The Tyke Wateraft is made of marine-grade polyethylene foam which requires no air or additional flotation attachments to work. Our Waterafts were designed to offer the user a safe and fun experience without any hassles. There are no ladders, sharp edges or metal fasteners to worry about. All raft's are lightweight, easy to transport by hand or on your boat and will not retain water. You just unroll and get on the water!

The Wateraft comes in 4 different sizes. Please note that due to the curing process the sizes may vary slightly from specified dimensions.