Things you Need to Know Before Sending Your Kids to Summer Camp

Before you and your spouse pop open the champagne bottle to celebrate your kids leaving for camp this summer, it may be wise to prepare all key aspects of their send-off to ensure for a smooth transition. Whether your kids are first time camp-goers or avid summer campers (i.e., they know all the camp counselors’ names by heart), parents should plan summer camp logistics ahead of time. This will prevent you from scrambling and stressing about the few remaining (good) camps left to register for a week before camp season commences. It also means avoiding the camp phoning your cellphone at 2 in the morning because you forgot to pack your child’s EpiPen. Here are some tips for those planning...

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How to Encourage Your Kids to Get Outside and Be Active

Parents, we all know the drill— you call your kids to the dinner table and they either bring their Nintendo DS along or they join the table 15 minutes later. Their lukewarm mashed potatoes and your daily uninvited guests— Mario and Luigi— are starting to make you regret giving them those tech gifts and gadgets for Christmas. As if getting your children to eat— and eat together as a family— weren’t difficult enough, parents now face the added challenge of getting them outdoors and active. Though it may seem like a difficult and daunting task, ensuring physical activity becomes routine in your child’s life at an early age will provide them with lifelong benefits. According to the Government of Canada, children...

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Things to do Over the May Two-Four Weekend

While the Victoria Day weekend may just seem like another long weekend, to others it marks the official start of summer. The month of May does not always grace us with temperatures peaking at 25 degrees Celsius, but we can still anticipate various outdoor activities and events in Toronto. Here are a couple activities and events to do for the long weekend: If procrastinating is your forte, check out some last-minute Victoria Day Special weekend deals for the entire family. This is a great option for those that innately pair long weekends with road trips or getaways. If staying in town and local is the plan, opt for fireworks displays at either Canada’s Wonderland or Ashbridges Bay Park. Your kids...

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